Pet Policy and Rules


Pets are permitted in rental home only with prior approval . Please email or call Deborah Word at (770) 830-7115 if you are considering bringing your pet (pets). No more than 2 pets are allowed.

Pet fees are $10 per day for 1 pet , $15 per day for 2 pets or $50 per week for 1 pet , $75 per week for 2 pets . These fees will be added to your cleaning fee. Also, an additional $50 per pet will be added to the refundable security/damage deposit (which will be returned after cleanup).

For our records, please identify the type of pet and approximate weight (for dogs only) and sign this document.

Pet #1 ___________________________________ weight ________ lb.

Pet #2 ___________________________________ weight _________ lb.

  1. All pets must be completely housebroken.
  2. All pets should be on leashes at all times.
  3. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up any/all pet refuse . Failure to clean up inside accidents may result in forfeiture of your deposit.
  4. Pets are not allowed on furniture at any time. Any evidence of pets on furniture may incur extra cleaning fees.
  5. All pets must be up to date on rabies vaccinations and all other vaccinations. Heartworm preventative is highly recommended.
  6. All pets are to be treated with Frontline , Advantage or similar topical flea and tick repellent no more than two (2) weeks prior to arrival. Fleas and ticks are very rampant in this area and can cause harmful/fatal illness to humans and pets. All items above are the sole responsibility of the pet owner.
  7. The homeowners assume no responsibility for illness or injury that may incur to pets while on the premises.
  8. “Vicious or Dangerous Dogs” trained for dog fighting or with any tendency or disposition to attack any dog other domestic animals or humans without provocation, are not permitted at any time.

I hereby agree that I have read the above pet policy and will abide by the rules included in this policy.



Signature of Responsible Renter